The rules of cryptography are simple:

There is an in-group (Alice, Bob) that the math protects but does not bind, and out-group (Eve, Mallory) that the math binds but does not protect

There's a claim going around that Mastodon is "centralizing around a few instances" because 1% of instances account for 84% of users.

That's misleading. 1% of instances is ~360. That's a lot more than I expected! Impressively decentralized.

Measuring centralization as a % doesn't make sense. Hypothetically, if 100K new people each started their own instance, centralization as measured by this stat would greatly *increase*, even though that's not what actually happened.

Going to jail because you work in tech company managing content moderation is a real risk here in India. Some of us knew these details long time ago and kind of figured that these issues will now pop up more often.

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